Parent Testimonials

Word of mouth is our best advertising!  Check out these testimonials to hear what parents are saying about Pineview Preschool!

“We chose Pineview’s Pre-K program for our son, Cameron.  As two teachers, we were very picky and were looking for a place that would prepare Cameron for kindergarten intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  Pineview was the perfect place! His teachers were so devoted to their students and had high expectations for them.  This was a place where our son felt safe, loved, and motivated to learn.  Cameron learned all the skills he needed for kindergarten as well as lessons about God and the Bible.  We are so fortunate to have chosen this school for our son and will be forever grateful for the great start it has given him.”

Erica D.

“I am so thankful for the wonderful care that my children have received at Pineview.  JJ has grown immensely in the past 2 years, and he is more ready for Kindergarten than I could have ever thought possible.  He has blossomed emotionally and socially, as well as academically.  The thought of him not being at Pineview is so difficult for me!  He would not be who he is today without the amazing teachers he has had.”

“Reagan also has received the best care possible from both the infant and waddler rooms.  It is a rare blessing to not have to worry about your child when you leave them in someone else’s care.  That is what I have at Pineview.  I hope that when she’s old enough, she’ll be able to attend Pineview for Pre-K.  She is sure to miss her fun days at school!”- Lynn & John

“I thank God he helped me find Pineview and I will continue to raise my child on the same principles that you instilled in her at Pineview.”       ~Bernae Rogers

“Thank you for the amazing start you have provided to Hailey during her years at Pineview.  Every teacher has made a huge impact on Hailey’s development.  We are so lucky to have attended Pineview.”                                      ~Heidi, Nate & Hailey H.

“Thanks for the last four and a half years!  I tell everyone to send their kids here.  May God continue to bless each of you and Pineview for all that you do for the children and families.  It’s a great place!”             ~ Theresa D.


“We can’t say enough about Pineview and how much we’ve loved having our 3 boys there.  The staff is so caring and dedication abounds.  We would recommend Pineview to anyone looking for a warm, loving, quality place for their child!”           ~Heidi & John Florussen                   

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