Kids’ Caboose

In order to help prepare students for the integrated nature of elementary school, we have an exciting cooperative program with the Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) called “Kids’ Caboose”. This is an optional program with limited space offered to our 4 year old students. Through this program, Pineview students are given the opportunity to participate in an integrated preschool class. Children are fully enrolled in Pineview, and are dropped off as usual. One of our teachers will bring 6-7 children downstairs for the morning to join a group of children from ECEC who receive additional services, such as physical therapy or speech.  After lunchtime, the Pineview children head upstairs to rejoin the others and finish out their day as usual.

The children participate in a developmentally appropriate program which prepares them very well for kindergarten. Children learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons and many other skills and concepts suitable for this age. Of course, social skills are practiced and developed as well. In fact, through this program  the children learn appreciation and acceptance of differences.  They learn that every child is special and valuable in their own unique way. After lunchtime, the Pineview children head upstairs to rejoin the others and finish out their day as usual. This program is offered at no extra cost to the family.

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