Infant Care

IMG_9765All our Infant rooms here at Pineview are well-equipped with toys, books, soft centers and sensory activities. Our equipment (high chairs, tables, cribs, swings, changing tables) is in excellent condition and we maintain the highest level of cleanliness to reduce the spreading of germs.  The adult/child ratio in these rooms is 1:4, and there will never be more than 8 children in any of our Infant rooms.

IMG_9764Our loving Infant staff will follow each child’s individual schedule and help them transition to a general routine as they get older. Children in our Infant rooms take walks in the buggy, and the older infants visit our Large Motor Room or playground daily for climbing, sliding and running! Parents can choose to send in formula and baby food, or use the brands that we provide at no extra charge.

Our babies are well cared for in a safe, secure and loving environment.

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